Our efforts in Argyll

As of March, we have two Marine Litter Officers, based in Oban, who will be working with local businesses, groups and boat owners, to co-ordinate a targeted clean-up of the north Argyll coast. Their aim is to find solutions to removing larger items that may need specialist equipment for uplift and finding ways to reach areas of coast that are inaccessible by conventional methods. We spotted litter in lower intensities at other locations, which can be easily accessed.

Thank you to Marine Scotland, Sea Solutions Argyll, and Argyll and Bute Council for their invaluable support.

You can follow Susan and Jamie’s adventures on Facebook, join in the rubbish conversation 😊 or get in touch at cleanup@scrapbook-scotland.org.uk.

"The map has already been used to clean up parts of the coast that haven’t been noticed before and it’s amazing to see so many people using the map and thinking of inventive ways to approach cleaning up our coast."

SCRAPbook Staff